Let Bluegrass Sunrooms Install an Attached Pergola Over the Patio or Deck at Your Louisville, KY, Home

Attached Pergola Louisville KY

Do you enjoy relaxing on the patio or deck at your Louisville, Kentucky, area home, but wish you had a bit more protection from the sun? At Bluegrass Sunrooms, we can help you solve that problem with our attached pergola, which directly connects to the exterior of your home.

Additional Square Footage

Because our attached pergola fastens to the side of your Louisville, KY, area home, there’s no need for supporting columns on the connecting side. This results in maximum square footage underneath the pergola and provides you with more flexibility on how to arrange a patio dining set or some stylish lounge chairs.

Thermal Protection

We’re proud to install pergolas manufactured by industry leader TEMO. TEMO’s pergolas feature innovative curved louvers that provide enhanced protection from the sun, as compared to flat rafters. The placement of our attached pergola against the side of your house means that the resulting shade will help keep that portion of your home cooler.

Extended Living Space

Having an attached pergola installed directly beside your home creates an extended living space that feels like an additional room on your house. This is particularly helpful if you enjoy dining outside — instead of having to carry your place settings and meal to a picnic table across the yard, you can simply step through your door and find a beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired outdoor dining area awaiting you a few feet away.

For more information about adding an attached pergola to your Louisville, KY, area home, please contact Bluegrass Sunrooms today. We’ll be happy to provide you with additional information about our various pergola styles, answer any questions you may have about the installation process, and help you schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

Our priority is our customers

As an advocate in the Louisville area for more than a decade, you can trust that Bluegrass Sunrooms will be there for you. Bluegrass Sunrooms is family-owned, and specializes in making your outdoor living space a dream come true. From creating a sunroom to adding a beautiful pergola, we have the experience to make your vision a reality.

At Bluegrass Sunrooms, our priority is our customers. We pride ourselves in our work and achievements, and are committed to providing our customers the best products and installation available.