Louisville, KY, Homeowners — Our Santa Fe Patio Cover Combines the Elegant Look of a Pergola With the Protection of a Thermal Roof

Pergola With Roof Louisville KY

Many homeowners in the Louisville, Kentucky, area love the elegant, Mediterranean-inspired look of a pergola, but are worried that they won’t be able to take full advantage of it because the open louvers don’t provide much protection from the elements. The outdoor living experts at Bluegrass Sunrooms are pleased to offer a solution to this challenge — we install TEMO’s Santa Fe patio cover, which combines the style of a pergola with the roof protection of a patio cover.

Innovative Thermal Roof With Stylish Pergola Trim

Like all of TEMO’s patio covers, the Santa Fe model features a state-of-the-art thermal roof that deflects the sun’s heat, helping to keep you cool and dry underneath. What sets the Santa Fe apart, though, is that it also includes attractive pergola trim along the perimeter of the roof. With a Santa Fe patio cover, you’ll get to enjoy the pergola style you so desire, while still remaining protected from rain showers and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Curtain Walls Allowing for Optional Retractable Screens

Similar to TEMO’s St. Thomas patio cover, the Santa Fe model also features curtain walls designed to house optional retractable screens, which you can choose to have us install either now or in the future. If you enjoy relaxing outside during the daytime, but often find yourself retreating inside at night to escape the mosquitoes, you’ll love the freedom offered by retractable screens. Simply pull down the screens whenever you need protection from mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying pests.

Ready to Get Started?

If you like the idea of combining the style of a pergola with the roof protection of a patio cover, contact Bluegrass Sunrooms today. Our friendly team will provide you with additional information about the Santa Fe model and help you set up a complimentary consultation at your Louisville, KY, area home.

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